Getting set Up.

If you are setting up or refitting your bakery production line we can help with design, manufacture and installation of your new machine / plant. 

Consultation & Quote.

Whether you are a small artisan bakery or a supermarket group installing a catering production line. We like to come and see your set up and listen to your production requirements, before making any recommendations. 

Design & Manufacture. 

After our initial consultation we will propose a bespoke equipment design to suit your needs. If necessary we can engineer design solutions to fit the space you have or indeed the product you are creating. 


Install & Refurbish.

Our experienced engineers will come on site to fit the bespoke catering equipment. We will try to assemble the majority of equipment off site in order to make the installation process as quick and unobtrusive as possible. 

Baked to perfection.

The processes we go through to keep your bread rising...


If you are undertaking a re-fit of an existing production line and wish to minimise any down-time. We will do our best to keep your Muffins moving. 

We can arrange a site consultation out of production hours. 


We will design and build as much of the new machinery off-site as much as possible. This means that you can keep producing pastries until the very last second. 


We can install your new equipment out of normal working hours, evenings and weekends if necessary, to minimise the impact to your existing business.