When the rolls need to keep rolling...

Planned Preventative Maintenance.

We are dedicated to managing a comprehensive schedule of planned preventative maintenance to guarantee the smooth running of all of your machinery.

Call us to discuss a regular service plan. We offer weekly, monthly, or annual servicing based on the size of your set up and usage. 

Our Service Engineers are located throughout the UK to ensure prompt and effective response in an emergency.

Get your bearings.

Look after your catering equipment and it'll look after you...

How often?

With machinery that is in regular use we recommend a frequent service  to check for any areas of degradation. This will identify problems before they break, potentially damaging other parts and your production time. 

The chart shows the effect of regular servicing. Production time will increase and the number of unscheduled breakdowns will decrease. 

Causes of production down-time...

In our experience it is always better to pre-empt down-time and plan for it accordingly. Planned repairs and servicing to your production equipment causes significantly less down-time than breakdowns and staff shortages.