Breaking down is definitely not the best thing since sliced bread... 



Don't get your pastries in a pickle. It can be stressful when you've got orders to fulfill and staff standing around twiddling their thumbs. That's why we have an emergency hotline... 

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Call P&S.

Just give us a call on our emergency repair hotline and we will arrange to come out and fix your catering equipment as soon as possible. 

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We will do our best to get things sorted with as little delay as possible. We know time is money. If you regularly maintain your machinery then it should be rare that this happens.

Give us this day our daily bread... 

Sometimes a prayer just isn't enough. That's why we do our best to fix your breakdowns as soon as possible.

Emergency Repairs.

At P & S Engineering there is always someone on call to respond to our emergency hotline, so that you can be sure - day or night - that there'll be someone available. This will obviously incur a more expensive call out rate. 

Non Urgent Repairs.

Contact us on our normal phone line or via e-mail to arrange an engineer to come out to you and repair your machinery. This is ideal if your plant can still operate.