We cater for all foodservice and bakery engineering solutions.

Getting set up. 

Exciting engineered solutions to fit your needs and space. 

We will listen to your requirements and propose a fully engineered solution.


'Dough not' panic, if it's an emergency call our hotline.  

Don't miss out on production time - call 0800 160 1258. 



Recycle, re-use and remove equipment no longer in use. 

Quick and efficient de-commissioning, which we understand may be hard. 


New production line or upgrading an existing plant?

We can find and fit the best solution for you, even if it is bespoke. 

Spare parts.

We make parts to order & refurish parts in our workshop.

Fabrication of new parts in steel, aluminium etc., from oven grids to cooler racks. 



There's nothing like a well oiled machine! 

Avoid unexpected breakdowns with regular service plans.  

Shift cover.

So your staff actually want to take a holiday? No problem... 

Holiday cover, illness cover, staff shortage. Just an hours notice? Give us a call.