Spare Parts.

Fabrication of new parts and refurbishment of existing parts that are unique to your machine. 


Can't find a replacement part for your trusty old oven? We can make specific, and intricate replacement parts in aluminium, stainless steel, sheet metal and more. Tell us what you need and we'll help you create what you need. 


We know that some machinery is a completely bespoke piece and cannot be replaced. If a part breaks we can refurbish it, weld it, polish it and bring it back to life. If we can't then we'll fabricate a replacement for you. 



If you have a more commercial oven and need a certain part then we can help to source replacement parts for you. We are familiar with all major brands, even if the machinery was purchased overseas we will do our best to find the part you need. 

It's no part-bake. 

In our Burnley workshop we have a team of skilled engineers making and refurbishing parts that are specific to your size of oven. 

Spare parts, such as: 

oven grids | cooler racks | prover swings 


Ovens | mixers | provers| coolers | conveyors | depaners | baggers | wrappers | hoppers | moulders